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On The Road Again

MotionMasters has been crisscrossing the state of West Virginia, and beyond, producing engaging personal profiles for social media videos and online video training. The last few weeks, our video production crew has been writing, shooting and editing biographical sketches about individuals who have not let their disabilities interfere with their personal goals. Stories about folks like Sara, a paraplegic, who works as a dental hygienist. And Peyton, who rocks his job in economic development – with assistance for his hearing disability.

We know a thing or two about overcoming challenges. After all, MotionMasters has faced more than a few of them in the 35 years we’ve been providing video production services in West Virginia, and throughout the country.

We’ve earned a reputation as content producers who excel at the nuances in the art of storytelling. If you could peek “behind the curtain,” you’d hear our team debating the focal length of a shot, the number of frames in a dissolve, the precise number of ‘breath beats’ to a pause in the audiotrack.

Call us for your next corporate video production, social media video, non-profit video.

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Phone: 304-345-8800


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