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Trailer Released for New Documentary Series Focused on West Virginia Makers

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Charleston, WV – The producers of popular films about West Virginia and its people released a trailer today for a new documentary series about the Mountain State, titled “WV Makes.”

MotionMasters, a production firm based in the Kanawha Valley, will travel the nooks and crannies of West Virginia to showcase an astonishing assortment of handcrafted and manufactured goods that are made here.

Emblematic crafts such as wood, pottery, quilts, etc., will be profiled along with iconic manufacturers, artisanal foods and agri-businesses. Not just finished goods, but component parts, used in industrial sectors such as aerospace, will be featured as well.

“We make a lot of interesting and fascinating things here in our state, said Diana Sole Walko, president of MotionMasters and executive producer of the series. “People are going to watch this series and say, ‘I didn’t know we made that here.’ There are too many to tell in an hour, or even 2 or 3, so this is designed to be told in 5 hour-long episodes.”

Likely segments include Homer Laughlin’s Fiestaware, J.Q. Dickinson Salt, Mister B’s Potato Chips, Toyota, Pratt Whitney, Alcon Manufacturing, Blenko Glass and Marble King. These will be interwoven with stories about lesser-known firms such as luxury leather goods maker Morgan Rhea, West Virginia Great Barrel Company, Bear Wood Company and many more. Micro businesses and cottage industries will also be showcased.

MotionMasters is working with the Discover the Real West Virginia (DRWV) Foundation, a leading statewide, non-profit economic development organization, to bring the series to the screen. The foundation will serve as the fiscal sponsor on the project and will also offer content suggestions.

“For three decades, DRWV has proudly showcased the best of West Virginia to executives from around the globe,” said Sara Dearing, executive director of DRWV Foundation. “We’re very excited to partner with MotionMasters on this one-of-a-kind documentary series celebrating the ingenuity and innovation of our state’s world-class manufacturers and artisans.”

The total number of episodes will depend on the success of the project’s fundraising efforts, said Sole Walko. “This is not a commissioned piece. We have to go out and find financial partners to make this happen,” she said.

The producers plan to seek support from a mix of foundations, corporations and individuals, including those who have donated to their previous productions.

Like other documentaries produced by MotionMasters, the series will air on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

“West Virginia Public Broadcasting makes it our mission to tell West Virginia’s story, said Eddie Isom, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Programming.

“This project by MotionMasters will highlight the people of our state and their artistry and business sense. This series will be a great addition to our programming library.”

Some of the firm’s titles are also available on Amazon Prime and have had international broadcasts as well.

The producers welcome story ideas, which can be emailed to:

Link to downloadable trailer:

For more information contact:

Diana Sole Walko President of MotionMasters

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