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We're a staff with a passion: to tell good stories. Stories that are memorable. Stories that are engaging.

Stories that persuade. Stories that gets results.

 Wes and Diana shooting interview at Greenbank Observatory

About Us

Our backgrounds are diverse: TV news, ad agency and corporate communications, to name a few. Our specialties are distinctive yet often overlapping: writing, designing, producing, directing, shooting and more.

We share a commitment to creating a good quality of life for ourselves and others. Three-day shoots, community service, volunteerism or weekend softball: we’re serious about getting the job done and we’re serious about recharging our batteries, too. Sometimes we can do both. Client lunches, shoots and meetings filled with food, fresh air and laughter—all vital components of creativity and camaraderie.

Director Rich Granberry shooting with our FS5 Camera

That’s our story; now meet the people who will make your story come to life.

Diana Sole Walko headshot

Diana Sole |CEO • 304.345.8800

As president and owner of MotionMasters, Diana is hands-on in every aspect of her company’s business. She has led film crews into remote villages in Africa—five times. She visited India with a Marshall University contingent and logged hours toward her M.B.A.

In addition to running the company, she writes scripts, directs live action, casts talent, produces video, edits copy, advises on public relations and serves as project manager, executive producer or creative director for much of the work we do.

Diane Dimoff |

Senior Producer • 304.345.8800

Name something in the video production business and Diane can do it: on-camera, voice-over, research, scriptwriting, producing, interviewing a subject or supervising an edit—she does it all at MotionMasters and she does it extremely well. Many will remember Diane as a television news journalist at WSAZ. She’s still an investigative reporter of sorts, especially when she’s searching the dusty archives of the state capitol for rare photos.

Diane Dimoff headshot
Wesley Poole headshot

Wesley Poole | Videographer & Editor • 304.345.8800

Wesley is a traveler. But not in the traditional sense. Wes does most of his scenic sightseeing through the lens of a video camera. When he experiences the beauty of his home state of West Virginia or when he marvels at the lush green landscapes of Africa, it’s to capture it in video for others to experience also. “MotionMasters takes people places,” he says. “I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to so many places and meet so many interesting people if I hadn’t been shooting for our clients.”

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