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Would You Know What To Do?

MotionMasters recently had the opportunity to work with the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services (WVFRIS) to produce a video for college campuses across the state.

The video will be used to open discussion as part of an online learning module for resident assistants. The piece begins with hazy, hand-held, point-of-view footage as a college student makes her way to the door of her resident assistant’s room. When the RA answers, the distraught college student reveals she may have been raped.

MotionMasters was tasked with casting and directing the talent, designing the set, shooting and editing the approximately one-minute-long piece.

A number of college students auditioned for the video. Alexis Grace Abdalla masterfully portrayed the role of the victim. Mae Lansdowne played the resident assistant. The two actresses met the day of the shoot and worked seamlessly together.

Shot locally in the Charleston area, our crew transformed an empty, unused dorm room into the set. On the day of the shoot, it looked like our crew was moving into college. We had everything from bedding to lighting to furniture.

Emotionally, this was a tough assignment. But it’s an important topic, and we are pleased to have produced another non-profit video that helps our client carryout their mission.

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