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West Virginia Lottery tapes in MotionMasters studio with HD

MotionMasters’ studio gets a real workout. It has been transformed into everything from a convenience store to a beauty parlor. The cyc has been painted dozens of times, from white to black to chroma key and back again. It recently turned into the set for the West Virginia Lottery. A series of television commercials was taped at our facility to promote the fact that nightly drawings are now viewed statewide. The talent for the Daily 3, Daily 4 and Cash 25 drawings spent the day producing 20 variations of the message that were sent to half a dozen stations that air the nightly program.

The spots were shot using one of MotionMasters’ new High Definition cameras. Our HD cameras have already been to Africa and across the state of West Virginia on projects for a variety of clients. The cameras offer multi-format recording, superior image quality and all-digital processing.

Post production was also handled at MotionMasters in one of the Final Cut HD edit suites. This is all part of the all-digital High Definition workflow now available at MotionMasters – from shooting, to editing, to approval before ever going to tape, DVD — or the web!.

This helped manage the many variations required for the different television stations. And, it made possible the quick turnaround needed to get the spots to air in time for the change.

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