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West Virginia Capitol documentary to air

With its magnificent golden dome and shadow standing sentry over the Kanawha River, the West Virginia State Capitol is a cherished symbol and one of the state’s most recognizable landmarks. The Capitol’s past is full of drama -passed back and forth as the seat of government shifted from Wheeling to Charleston, destroyed twice by fire and rebuilt as a splendid monument in the throes of the Great Depression.

And now, everyone at MotionMasters is excited about the upcoming premiere of a new documentary about the Capitol. “A Moving Monument: The West Virginia State Capitol,” is a 60-minute program that tells the Capitol’s fascinating story. First, MotionMasters and The University of Charleston will host a screening at the West Virginia Cultural Center on March 6, at 6:00 pm. The premiere will then air March 13, at 8 pm on West Virginia Public Broadcasting. That will be followed by “The Soul of the Senate”, a chronicle of the inspiring life and career of West Virginia’s eminent statesman, Robert C. Byrd.

You can go to the MotionMasters Web site to view more information and a promo for the Capitol documentary. The program will have repeated showings. For a complete programming schedule go to: West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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