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We Made Ahmad Bradshaw a Star First

As more than 100 million people watched, Ahmad Bradshaw scored the winning touchdown for the New York Giants’ fourth Super Bowl win. It was a great play from a great player who is also very nice guy—we should know: we worked with Bradshaw in 2006 when he was tearing up the turf at Marshall University.

We shot footage of Bradshaw, his coach and other top MU players for a TV spot to kick off the Herd’s season that year. Entitled “We Are Marshall…The Season,” the spot was shot to look like a movie trailer. See for yourself.

We’d also like to lay claim to helping make Betty White a star (did you see her promo for “The Voice”?) with the local Humane Society spots that we shot on our back deck years ago. But since Betty was a star longer than some of us have been alive, we can’t take credit for her success. We can still count her as a standout among the roster of celebrities we’ve worked with however, including Jennifer Garner, the late Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Oliver and Matthew McConaughey, among others. See more MotionMasters stars in the Portfolio section of our site.

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