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Tuesday Crew Day: MotionMasters

West Virginia Film Office

When and how did your company get started? How many people are employed by MotionMasters?

MotionMasters is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! The company was founded on Groundhog Day, 1987, and was the state’s first video production company. We currently have a permanent staff of five and hire frequently from the state’s freelance workforce.

What is the most interesting and fun tidbit of information about your company?

We have three decades worth of stories – there’s no way to choose just one! Our body of work includes educational videos that are used in classrooms throughout North America to documentaries that are broadcast on public television to corporate productions. Now we’re producing a television series for Fido-TV. Our work has taken us all over the United States as well as on a number of international shoots. It’s the variety that pushes us creatively.

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