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Treason Island is Making News!

Excitement continues to build for the national release of MotionMasters’ latest documentary, “Treason Island: the Blennerhassetts and Aaron Burr.”

“We fully expect the documentary to bring visitors to Blennerhassett State Park and the surrounding Parkersburg-Marietta area,” said Diana Sole, president of MotionMasters.

“It’s a fascinating segment of American history – and this is the first time it’s been told in documentary form.

A short-form version of the film was made available to play at the Blennerhassett Museum.

“This is the second film we’ve done that has ties to that region. The other one, Burning Springs,” is focused on the history of the oil and gas industry and can be seen at the Oil and Gas Museum, also in Parkersburg. It’s also available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

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