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Trading Places: MotionMasters crew steps In front of the camera for WVPB

When West Virginia Public Broadcasting needed background in creating commercials for its newest TV series, “This Week in West Virginia,” they came to us. Literally. Their crew shot our crew here at One Creative Place for the Friday, Oct. 29 program that goes behind the scenes of political campaigns.

The first half of Friday’s show will explore commercial production and includes interviews with MM Production Manager Doug Morris and Producer Diane Dimoff. WVPB then turned the camera to another seasoned pro (and MM client), Chris Michael, CEO of Bulldog Creative.

The second half of the program features a panel of experts, including MM CEO Diana Sole Walko, discussing political ads that are making headlines all around the country. With veteran broadcaster Beth Vorhees as the host, you can catch the WVPB program Friday, Oct. 29 at 8 pm.

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