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The Missing Link: Video email has arrived

No click-throughs, no attachments, and no viruses or bugs to worry about. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Video is coming to email.” That’s right: certified virus-free video embedded within the body of an email has arrived. The recipient just opens the email and the video is there—ready to play.

Standard click-through-to-view video is already wildly successful (you get an email and you click on a link to go to another site to view the video). According to comScore, an Internet marketing research company, 14.8 billion online videos were viewed by US Internet users in January of 09 alone. Imagine how those numbers will skyrocket with embedded video email!

Video email is good news for marketing and media firms with a story to tell and nothing tells a tale quite like video. Industry experts project that adding video to email marketing can boost interaction by as much as 200% to 300%. And since the recipient is assured that the message is certified virus-free, your video email can slam past the spam filters and get to everybody on your list with fewer delete-without-opening reactions.

Additionally, online video ad spending is expected to increase 45% this year and continue climbing well into 2012. Everybody seems to be watching, searching for and creating online video. How many times have you received an email from a friend or co-worker with a message bar that reads, “check out this video”? And you do. Now you can add the irresistible draw of an embedded video to your email marketing efforts. Think how a great 2- to 3-minute video will jazz up your next email newsletter or assist in your company-wide training or sales messages…

What? You don’t have a video message to email (or even show) to your target audience? We know somebody who can help. Us. Let’s get together to talk about your next online commercial or corporate video and how we can put your story in front of LOTS more viewers.

Contact Diana Sole Walko at or call 304-345-8800.

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