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“The Blennerhassetts” is nearly ready for the editing room!

Principal cinematography has been completed. Our videographers have captured the island and mansion by day, by night (in candlelight), along with footage of the Ohio River in all her moods. We have also recorded interviews with noted historians, including Ray Swick, Nancy Isenberg, Bill Reynolds and others.

Archival documents, maps, etc. have been sourced and scanned. The script, a living document that will be polished throughout the process, will soon be ready for scratch track narration. From there, it’s into the editing suite – where the story will be intricately woven together.

On the fundraising side, we are proud to list these partners:

Blennerhassett Historical Foundation

Wood County Commission

Bernard McDonough Foundation

West Virginia Humanities Council

United Bank

Greater Parkersburg Convention and Visitors Bureau

Bowles Rice Foundation

Leslie E. and Jane B. Pritchard Advised Fund

MotionMasters hopes to release the documentary later this year.

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