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MotionMasters takes to the field for AKC

Literally—real field shooting—out in the wilderness. With guns, dogs, hunters and live ammo—the other kind of shooting. Three days in Alabama in October and four bone-chilling days in Wisconsin in November.

Tough assignment,

but when Executive Producer Tad Walden asked us to shoot and edit a 20-minute video for AKC Gun Safety, we were on a plane in a flash. Some of you may remember Tad from his days as an AE at CRA, but now Tad’s work as an independent producer and entrepreneur takes him around the world—he called the other day to check on the AKC project from Prague.

The finished video is for hunters and people who put their gun dogs through field trials. The AKC does about 1600 field events each year and following a basic code of conduct ensures safety for all: handlers, owners, dogs and spectators.

We shot gunning practices specific to retrievers, pointing breeds and spaniels and everyone performed beautifully. Especially the dogs.

Wesley goes where the story leads him

Videographer Wesley Poole said that one spaniel was so fast in flushing game that he couldn’t follow him with the camera. That’s the thing with dogs—when they’ve got a job to do—they do it. So do we.

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