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“Mo” turns 25 on 2/2/12 and sees no shadow!

Mo at 25

Meet “Mo,” the MotionMasters mascot who turned 25 on 2/2/12— Groundhog Day—the day we were founded in 1987! If he looks remarkably young, it’s because he’s had a few facelifts over the years. Different artists have rendered Mo in many likenesses, some of which are shown here.

Mo at 19

But since this is our 25th anniversary of multimedia storytelling, we decided to give Mo more of a global look. So we went to Romania. We didn’t really go there, we just contracted the art with a Romanian artist, who, while not really understanding the big to-do over Groundhog Day, did turn out a very handsome version of our beloved Mo.

Happy birthday, Mo, and happy anniversary to MotionMasters. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our many friends and clients! Thank you and here’s to an early Spring—because we made sure that Mo didn’t see his shadow!

Read more about Mo’s and MotionMasters’ progress during the last 25 years in this Daily Mail article.

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