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Lobbyists Unveil MotionMasters’ Produced Video

When the American League of Lobbyists needed to lobby on behalf of the organization, they called on MotionMasters. Our crew traveled to Washington, D.C. and interviewed several industry leaders and shot video at the nation’s capitol and legislative office buildings.

“Lobbying: Your Constitutional Right,” explains what constitutes lobbying and why it is essential to the democratic process. There are two-minute and six-minute versions of the video.

“A lobbyist’s role is to communicate about issues vital to all Americans,” said Dave Wenhold, president of ALL. “The American League of Lobbyists promotes good government through transparency, accountability and integrity.”

Mike Fulton, executive vice president at PR firm GolinHarris, is chairman of ALL’s communications committee and helped develop the video. “The response to the video has been very positive,” Fulton said. “It captures the essence of our constitutional rights as an advocate, as a lobbyist.”

You can view the videos on YouTube Short (2:00) Version: Long (6:00) Version:

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