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Gazette “Innerview” showcases MotionMasters’ CEO

Diana Sole Walko

When Sandy Wells and Kenny Kemp from the Gazette came to interview MotionMasters CEO Diana Sole Walko for one of Sandy’s famous “Innerviews,” they were suitably impressed with the reason for the story: we’re celebrating 25 years in business and still going strong.


They also covered all the usual angles: where the firm began; projects and highlights over the years; international, national, regional and local clients and awards—that kind of stuff. The story also revealed the secret of our success as multimedia storytellers: we’re lifelong learners. But both the reporter and the photographer were completely captivated by one of the very unique features of life at MotionMasters: Toby, Diana’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who (rightly) assumes that every visitor is here to see him. Naturally, Toby is front and center in the photograph of Diana in her office. Check out the whole story in the Monday, Feb. 13 edition of The Charleston Gazette.

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