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Foodie Alert: Jaime Oliver caught on tape by MotionMasters

All eyes were on Huntington, W.Va., when British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was in town shooting his new ABC-TV series called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” MotionMasters was called in to help shoot what turned out to be a show within a show…

Multiple Crew Call

While Oliver’s crew (and there were plenty of them) were assigned to taping him in action at Frankie D’s Italian Chophouse, the TV show “Extra” called on us to shoot footage for its story about the much-touted “Naked Chef” (which is the name of his first TV series on the Food Network, not a reference to his commando-style of cooking).

“Extra” needed an experienced crew with state-of-the-art equipment and we supplied it. Executive Producer Brian Peterson, along with our production manager/videographer,  Doug Morris and Production Assistant Ward Hiney, signed on for the assignment in Huntington and once there, jockeyed for camera and mic positions among Oliver’s crew.

On the day we were on set, Oliver and several of his student-chefs were preparing a dinner for Huntington’s community leaders (and the kids’ parents) as part of the chef’s “Food Revolution” storyline: teaching kids how to improve their lifestyles through better nutrition.

“The restaurant was teeming with producers, directors, cameras, mics and still photographers,” says Peterson. “But Jamie took it all in stride and interacted with his young chefs in a really warm, personal way.”

We also were present (and rolling) when Oliver was presented with his designation of honorary West Virginian, a title he seemed genuinely touched to receive.

Stay tuned to this blog to find out when the “Extra” segments will air in the coming months. Check out these pics from the shoot and take a look at more on Flickr.

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