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Documentary to be made involving the Blennerhassetts

By Mitchell Blahut Published: Mar. 29, 2021

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - A documentary is being put together centering around Blennerhassett Island and the family’s involvement with a notorious founding father.

It will tell the story of Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett and their connections to Vice President Aaron Burr and his treasonous activities. The film company putting the piece together says it is an important lesson about what constitutes treason in one of the earliest examples of it. “The Blennerhassett story is an interesting one. And I think it’s particularly timely right now when as a nation we’re asking questions about, ‘what is treason?’ And, ‘what is the legal definition of that?’ And the Blennerhassetts were involved with Aaron Burr. The first American and an early founder who was charged with treason. So, I think it’s an interesting story,” says Motion Masters president, Diana Sole.

The piece is being put together by Charleston-based Motion Masters.

The hour long film will be airing on West Virginia Public Broadcasting, with segments also to be made available at the Blennerhassett Museum in Parkersburg.

The documentary is expected to finish all post production in a couple of months.

There’s also a premiere planned at the Smoot Theater in Parkersburg.

On a side note, projects like this can be costly, so the creators say they appreciate the support they have received from the Blennerhassett Museum, the Parkersburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the McDonough Foundation.

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