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Crew travels Downeast for training

Two MotionMasters team members just spent a week on the coast of Maine. But they weren’t there just for the fun. They had the opportunity to attend the Maine Photographic Workshops. The Workshops is an international leader in the development of creative storytellers and image makers. Doug Morris participated in the program “Advanced Digital Video Cinematography” and Wesley Poole was enrolled in “Advanced Lighting.” The emphasis of the video workshop is moving practitioners from the role of videographer to cinematographer. Doug was developing the skills and techniques used to produce distinctive imagery for feature films and high end documentaries. Wes learned about using lighting as an element of storytelling.

Students from all over the world gathered for these intense week-long programs. The instructor, Michael Minock, brought more than 30 years’ experience in feature films, documentary and television to the courses. The days were long, and combined classroom instruction with practical hands-on exercises.

As Doug said, “This was a once in a lifetime learning experience. The lessons learned can be applied every day as we practice our craft. And the friendships made with fellow cinematographers all over the world will continue to inspire.”

Partial funding for the workshops was provided by the Small Business Work Force training grant program. Small Business Work Force is part of the West Virginia Development Office. It works with West Virginia businesses to underwrite and support the acquisition of new technical and technology skills. Grants of up to $5,000 are available to eligible businesses. More information is available at

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