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Behind the scenes of “Distracted Driving” – a MotionMasters educational video

Updated: May 1, 2020

Did you see the Jan. 15 story in the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail about the filming of an educational video called “Deadly Driving Distractions”?

That’s Part Two. Here’s Part One: in mid-December, we set up and shot three student-discussion groups led by our former intern, Concord University student John Meadows.

We brought students from area high schools together and asked them about their driving habits. They were candid, sometimes shockingly so. When we asked them how often they checked their cell phones, the median answer was once every three minutes.

We asked the students to turn off their phones while the discussion group was in progress and then asked if it were difficult to be without instant-messaging. They all agreed that it was really hard and asked for a phone break! (Some of the students in our discussion group revealed that the average number of texts they send each day is anywhere from 200 to 400.)

Ward Hiney and Wesley Poole were each manning a camera to capture the fast-paced discussion. With the three discussion groups held in early December and an interview session (as reported in the Daily Mail on 1/15/10), the shooting for “Distracted Driving” is now moving into the expert interview stage and B-roll shooting. If you have stories or incidents involving distracted driving, send them to us via this Web site and let us contact you to talk about them. Go to our Flickr site to see all of the pictures.

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