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Charleston dog lovers celebrate premiere of new show

Updated: May 1, 2020

WCHS News Network

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Dog lovers in the Charleston-area came out Thursday night to Smith Company Motor Cars to celebrate the series premiere of a new show about canines.

The series, which airs on FidoTV Channel, featured dogs around the country but was produced by MotionMasters, a state video production company.

“I have worked alongside my friend (founder of FidoTV) Tad Walden for a number of years to help create (the new network),” said President of MotionMasters Diana Sole-Walko. “It’s programming about dogs 24/7. It launched in October and he hired my company to do the first original network programming, which is called ‘Which Woof’s For Me.’”

Sole-Walko said they selected a variety of breeds for the show.

“What we did was go out and interview people about different breeds of dogs. We selected 12 breeds and profiled them in our show,” she said. “We looked at the list of the most popular dogs in the country and selected a few of those. But we also picked some breeds you don’t hear a lot about.”

Several residents came to watch the show along with their dogs. Sole-Walko said dog lovers could learn a lot from the new show.

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