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MotionMasters - Burning Springs Documentary Showing

MARCH 15 - 7PM

In conjunction with Crossroads- Changes in Rural America the traveling Smithsonian Exhibit. We will be showing the documentary Burning Springs: History of Oil and Gas Industry for free at The Movie House in New Martinsville. The film is free and concessions are available for purchase from the theater. Executive Producer Diana Sole Walko will be our featured guest speaker before the film begins and will hold a Q&A afterwards.

Burning Springs Documentary DVD

Burning Springs: History of Oil and Gas Industry It is a widely held historical "fact" that Pennsylvania is the birthplace of America's oil and gas industry. Documentation exists, however, that 40 years before Edwin L. Drake struck oil in Titusville, Penn., commercial oil production was underway in the Kanawha and Ohio River valleys. The story of the oil and gas industry is entwined with the story of how and why western Virginia split from Virginia. And it yields a significant event in world history - the first oilfield ever targeted for destruction in war was in Wirt County - along the Little Kanawha River.

"Cross Roads" Change In Rural America A Museum on Main Street exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service. Funded by U.S. Congress and brought to you by the West Virginia. Humanities Council

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