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Welcome to MotionMasters

Welcome to Motion Masters

Video Production and Original Programming

MotionMasters has been producing creative, original productions for more than 30 years. Not many production companies have crossed that threshold!

Our creative approach and engaging productions are the reason for our longevity. That, and our solid business practices that netted us an Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst & Young as well as a Who’s Who in WV Business from the State Journal.

Our firm provides production services for the screen – television programming, commercials, corporate and non-profit videos and more.

We’ve produced literally thousands of “real screen” titles – productions that both entertain and educate.

Script to screen production. Wherever the story takes us.

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MotionMasters produced a humorous commercial for the West Virginia Lottery starring a dog, cat and horse. Read about the unique shooting challenges!

Watch the video in our Featured Videos Player below.

Featured Videos

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Lottery Holiday_30
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RA - What Would You Do?
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WV Student Success: Anna Smith
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Treason Island: The Blennerhassetts and Aaron Burr - PROMO
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